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‘‘highly functional, cosmopolitan design and stylish bags Handmade with ethically sourced materials’’

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applying clever design features to accessories is the starting point of everything i do


2 ways 2 wear the story

Get to know more about the 2WAYS2WEAR’s origin, the evolution of the design and the story behind it. I wil also discuss the stap design and the different colour combinations


interior projects

Find out more about interior project that I have done in the past and where they are in show etc.


comporta Portugal

In a sleepy seaside town south of Lisbon, freshly laundered clothes dry in the breeze and the sun washes the earth in gold. Things move slowly in Comporta—it would be easy not to leave. Here, the latest collection from Pasman sits in quiet conversation with the sun, the sand and the sea.


the barista bag

due to the lack of stylish AND practical barista-kit bags, I designed a bag that fulfills both these wishes

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